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Program Overview

As of April 9th, 2015, Lenovo, a leading technology manufacturer of personal computers, tablets, mobile phones and enterprise level server and storage products, has selected Triathlon Computer as its partner in the Extended Lifecycle Program (ELP). ELP is designed to provide customers of Lenovo and legacy IBM with access to upgrades and accessories no longer marketed by Lenovo.

Lenovo recognizes the need to provide investment protection and flexibility throughout the entire technology lifecycle.  With technology lifecycles often stretching beyond 3 years, it's imperative that customers have confidence that their investments in Lenovo as a brand and platform are secure.

With Triathlon's extensive secondary market experience, we'll ensure you have access to original Lenovo and IBM upgrades for an extended period of time. Let us show you just how much endurance Lenovo products have.

The products used to support the Extended Lifecycle Program include both new and re-certified products. Regardless of whether the products are new or re-certified, Triathlon will ensure you receive:

Original, authentic products
Warranties of at least 90 days on all products - with options for extended warranty
Support and advice from knowledgeable, sales professionals
Technical support from Lenovo and IBM certified System Engineers
Prompt and timely shipping of your order to all major markets - globally

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Platforms Supported

  • System x®
  • ThinkServer™
  • BladeCenter™
  • Flex System™
  • NeXtScale™ System
  • iDataPlex®
  • Networking / BNT

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